Tight Buttocks with the 30-Day Squat Challenge


The 30-day squat challenge is a challenge that helps you get tighter buttocks. You can do this challenge perfectly well as an addition to your regular workout schedule. Can it help you when you want to lose weight? What exactly should you do during this challenge, and can you indeed see a difference after these thirty days?

What Is A Squat?

A squat is an exercise that many also call the 'king of exercises'. A squat is not difficult, but it is very effective because you train several muscle groups at once. You tackle your buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings. You can get rounder and tighter buttocks with this exercise. 

The squat is also ideal for fighting cellulite. In addition, you get a more muscular back if you perform the exercise regularly. If you also move your arms during the squat, you can also train them. A squat can be done without weights but is usually a lot more effective when you use weights. People who want to lose weight should do a lot of muscle exercises. This is because, with more muscle building, you can burn calories faster at rest.


How Do You Perform A Squat?

Stand with your feet side by side. Make sure you keep your back straight, then come down by bending your knees. Make sure that your buttocks stick out well backward and that your back remains straight. It is best to pull your navel in during the exercise. This tightens your abdominal muscles. Make sure you make a good deep squat but do not make it too deep. Above all, listen to your body very carefully. 

Additionally, you can raise your arms while doing a squat. You could even hold some weights in your hands for more effect. On YouTube, you can find many videos that explain how to do a squat. This can be very useful to watch if you are not quite sure.


Extra Weights

Especially women are often afraid to use extra weights. They are so scared of becoming too muscular and not losing weight. However, this will not happen overnight. Adding additional weights is an excellent way to see the desired results faster. Choose weights that keep the exercise challenging. So it shouldn't be too easy, but it shouldn't feel super heavy right away either.



30-Day Squat Challenge

The 30 Day Squat Challenge is a challenge in which you squat exercises every day for thirty days. It includes several rest days. These are intended to give your muscles the necessary rest. During the challenge, you may decide for yourself at what time you do the squats. Speed is not essential: you must execute the squat correctly. Do you get tired of squatting? Then you can take a rest every 15 squats.




This is the schedule you have to follow for 30 days.


Number of squats


Number of squats

Day 1


Day 16

Rest Day

Day 2


Day 17


Day 3


Day 18



Rest Day

Day 19


Day 5


Day 20

Rest Day

Day 6


Day 21


Day 7


Day 22


Day 8

Rest Day

Day 23


Day 9


Day 24

Rest Day

Day 10


Day 25


Day 11


Day 26


Day 12

Rest Day

Day 27


Day 13


Day 28

Rest Day

Day 14


Day 29


Day 15


Day 30


Make It More Challenging

In addition to the regular squat, there are very many variations to be found. For example, you have the jump squat, where you jump up after squatting. Or what about the Plie Squat, where you point your toes outward. You could do a different squat variation every day, or you could do multiple 30-day challenges, where you perform another squat exercise each time. Of course, you can also make the challenge more complex by adding weights or not taking a rest. Above all, keep challenging yourself to keep it fun!


Drinking Water

It's wise to keep some water on hand when you exercise. That way, you can always have a drink if it gets too hard. It is also wise to drink mostly water and leave soft drinks behind during the challenge. This will help you see results even faster.


Will You See Results With The 30-Day Squat Challenge?

You will see results during the 30-day squat challenge. To be sure you see a difference, it's best to take some pictures of yourself before you start. Preferably in your underwear. Take an image from the front, back and side. Of course, you don't have to share these photos with others; you can keep them just for yourself. At the end of the challenge, you take new pictures so that you can see the difference. The result is very dependent on you. 



How Can You Lose Weight With This Challenge?

If you are following this challenge because you want to lose weight, you will also need to add cardio. Go for a run, a bike ride, or do some other activity that will cause your heart rate to speed up. Eating and drinking healthy is also very important.


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