What Is Pound Fitness?


Pound Workout

Pound fitness is an ideal workout to lose fat, which combines aerobic exercises, Pilates, and yoga, beating the air to the rhythm of music with drumsticks like those of rock band drummers.

What Is Pound Fitness?

If you are a rock fan and want to get in shape while having fun, you are in luck; a new sports trend has arrived from California, pound fitness or pound fit, which uses rock music -although could use other genres with a high drum rhythm- while performing plyometric and isometric exercises, Pilates and yoga postures, which are combined in turn with exercises that are given in an aerobics class.

And that's not all; we must add the variant 'pound', or 'hit', but not to another person as happens in contact sports such as boxing, but with two drumsticks in the air or between them, as do the drums of a rock band, which produces a more significant energy expenditure. Pound fitness is an excellent combination of disciplines. The muscles are worked globally and can be adjusted to the level of the practitioner, whether he has exceptional physical resistance or is a beginner.

Origins of pound fitness and Ripstix drumsticks

Although there are several theories about the origin of pound fit, the most widespread one refers to a personal story: in 2010, a trainer who was a music lover used her drum set to escape from a breakup with her partner mentally but, having her stool broken, decided to play Rage Against the Machine songs for an hour while squatting.

The next day she felt pretty sore, so much so that she could barely get up from the couch, and, together with Kirsten Potenza, another fellow former college athlete, they noticed that the sensation even had similarities to that experienced after practicing Pilates. 

Hence, they both decided to develop an activity that combined physical exercise with their passion for rock. Thus, in 2011 they began designing exercise routines, gradually expanded the variety, created a program called Rockout, worked out, and

One particularity of the Ripstix drumsticks for pound fit is that they are twice as heavy as those used by band drummers, which allows them to work with more weight on the shoulders, back, pectorals, triceps, biceps, and forearms. 

In addition, the use of Ripstix provides more excellent stability and balance in the different movements. Two standard features are that they are usually plastic and bright green, making them easier to follow when a trainer performs the exercises.

Health Benefits of Pound Fitness

Pound fitness is an exercise that brings significant improvements to its practitioners. It is considered a global activity for working the body as a whole; in fact, all major muscle groups work. The main health benefits of this form of training are:

  • As with Pilates, a similar workout is achieved throughout the body, developing the different muscle groups with pound fit. The legs, buttocks, pectorals, arms, back, and shoulders stand out.
  • The pound fit is a recommended exercise for those looking to lose weight and get a 'body ten'. Performing it at a high intensity can burn around 900 calories per hour, which will allow you to achieve your goals very quickly, as long as you are consistent. Being a high-intensity cardiovascular training not only slimming during the sessions but also sometime after, during rest, also happens with the burpees so typical in CrossFit sessions or HIIT routines.
  • Thanks to the succession of movements without stopping and with several parts of the body simultaneously, an improvement in overall coordination is achieved. In addition, the speed with which the exercises are chained with the Ripstix sticks and the movements during the sessions gives the practitioner greater endurance, agility, and rhythm.
  • It helps lower cholesterol and hypertension and reduces the risk of diabetes. Pound fit is an aerobic activity that can improve the processes that regulate these diseases.
  • The work not only strengthens the musculature but also helps mitigate chronic pain.
  • Pound fitness can be a significant contribution to injury prevention and recovery. It strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscle fibers, improving the body's ability to regenerate. To treat injuries, of course, it should always be under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapist.
  • It is an ideal activity for those seeking to improve the central region of the body because, throughout the session, the abdominal area is kept in constant movement.
  • Concentration is another facet that benefits from the practice of pound fit. This is due to having to perform a series of quick movements to the rhythm of the music without losing the thread.
  • Psychologically it is a source of benefits since physical exercise releases substances such as endorphins, which combat depressive states or simply passing sadness and anxiety; it also reduces stress and helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts.


How Is A Pound Fitness Session: Tips For Practicing It?

A standard pound fitness session lasts about 45 minutes, combining exercises such as squats, jumps, twists, stretches, and so on. All this while continuing to handle the drumsticks, so much so that you get to give the air about 15,000 blows. 

The diversity of exercises to the rock rhythm, mixing arms with legs, makes this new form of training something very motivating and an exciting challenge.

The specialists or monitors choose the songs for the pound fit classes according to their duration (between two and four minutes) and according to the intervals of maximum intensity work during each track to achieve the highest energy expenditure in the shortest time with these peaks.

One of the most significant advantages offered by pound fit is not needing to count repetitions or be aware of the clock since it is the rhythm or volume of the music that marks the beginning and end of each exercise. This distraction also helps to give the athlete the sensation that time is passing faster.

Tips for practicing pound fitness

To practice, pound fit, you have to be consistent with your physical condition. Because it is a continuous exercise for about 45 minutes, you have to analyze what you can do and what you cannot. 

The important thing is not to run away after a session and not to practice it again. Therefore, whether in a gym with specialized monitors or at home on your own, you should adjust to each person's capacity, both in the duration of the session, as in the intensity of the exercises themselves.

The most important thing in case of doubts about whether or not you can practice pound fit is to go to a doctor or a physiotherapist, depending on the problem, and that is an expert who assesses the previous state of health, specifies the same risks for each individual, and advise on the level and the desirability of practicing it.

What to do when you do not want to buy the sticks or Ripstix? Look for alternatives. From conventional drumsticks to two wooden kitchen spoons with rounded handles, to give two examples. 

They are small solutions that will not provide good results, but they are cheaper and can help in the first sessions until you discover if it is the ideal exercise for you.


Keys to Pound Fitness At Home

The Internet is the perfect ally for those who want to learn pound fitness at home, thanks to the dozens of videos available with choreographies. Without being the ideal learning situation (it is always better to take a few classes beforehand in a gym or with a personal trainer), you can make significant progress.

If you have decided not to go to a gym and learn on your own at home, you should prepare things calmly and take into account these factors to successfully carry out your home pound fit training:

  • Choosing the right music for the exercises is one of the critical aspects; it must be a melody in which can hear the sound of the drums well and whose rhythm is not slow; for this reason, rock music is usually used due to the variety of high rhythms to the drums. In addition, it is appropriate that within each song, or between one and another, there are different rhythms to have moments of high intensity.
  • Another essential element is to decide which exercises to perform and for how long. This is where the work of the gym instructor would be more important. Doing it at home, you should look for exercises that uniformly work the whole body, even if you do not like some of them. As for the time, if you have doubts about your physical condition, it is best to start with sessions of 20-25 minutes, which allow you to test your endurance capacity and go up to 45 minutes at least three times a week. The important thing is to adapt the training to your current fitness level.
  • You should provide a comfortable space, sufficiently large, and in which there is nothing to hinder your movements.
  • Be honest. One of the most challenging things when it comes to exercise is to comply with the times, complete all the exercises, do the ones you don't like with interest, and refine your technique; to do this, you must be self-demanding and not cheat. Remember that goals are not achieved without effort and dedication.
  • Practicing pound fit at home is never recommended when the purpose is to recover from an injury. Not leaving it in the hands of specialists can lead to aggravating the injury from ignorance.

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