Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?


Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?

Press-ups, are one of the best exercises for muscle building. It is an exercise where you train many muscles at once. The muscles that are used the most are your chest, triceps, and front shoulders. 

Do you regularly do press-ups? If so, it is also an exercise that will help you make rapid progress. But is there any point in doing push-ups every day if your goal is to build muscle? And what happens to your results when you do it?

Press-Ups, One of the Best Muscle Building Exercises

Pressing is among the best exercises for building muscle mass. There are several reasons for this. First, when you do press-ups, you use a lot of muscle groups at once. The main muscles you use are your chest, triceps, and the front of your shoulders. To a slightly lesser extent, you also use your abs, lower back, leg muscles, and all of your arm muscles. So, push-ups are a versatile exercise. Because you use your own body as resistance, it is also a natural exercise (unlike many machines at the gym). Another advantage of doing push-ups is that you can do them anywhere. You don't have to go to the gym for it. All you need is a floor (something most people have at home).


The Proper Technique for Doing Push-Ups

As with all exercises, your technique must be good. The worse your technique, the less effective the exercise will be. In addition, improper technique can lead to injury. Press-ups are an exercise that is more difficult than they appear at first glance. Many people have sloppy techniques. It is not about doing as many repetitions as possible. It's about doing each repetition with perfect technique. So make sure you study up on the technique of press-ups.



You can find several good instructional videos on the internet in which the correct technique is explained and demonstrated very clearly. In brief, these are the most important points of attention:

  • Place your hands a little wider than shoulder-width.
  • Keep your body rigid like a plank (avoid a hollow or convex back).
  • Look slightly forward (not straight down).
  • Extend your arms. This is your starting position.
  • Slowly lower yourself until your chest (almost) touches the ground. Keep your elbows close to your body. Make sure to keep your abdominal and back muscles tight.
  • Come up in an explosive motion until your arms are extended.


Push-Ups Every Day, Not Ideal For Building Muscles

To build muscles, you must first break them down. This is exactly what happens during a heavy workout. Micro tears appear in your trained muscles. In the following days, your muscles repair themselves again. However, muscles are imaginative. They not only recover, but they also become a little bit stronger than they were before your hard workout. This is how they prepare themselves for the next hard effort. By repeating this process over and over again, you build muscle mass over time. The condition is that your nutrition and rest are in order.


Recovering muscles after a workout

Did you train a muscle group hard? Then it takes most people about 48 to 72 hours (this varies per person, it can even take longer if you have a long recovery time) until the muscle group has recovered. There is no point in training the muscle group again before it has recovered. If you do that, you will only break down your muscles further. So this is the problem with doing press-ups every day. 

Let's say you do five sets where you push each set to the limit. This means that your chest, triceps, and front shoulders are being severely strained. Recovery will take at least 48 hours. There is absolutely no point in breaking down your muscles further the next day. This will only make you weaker in the long run instead of stronger. So, doing press-ups every day is not a good idea if building muscle is your goal.


When is it okay to do press-ups every day?

Do you still want to do push-ups every day? Then make sure you don't push yourself to the limit. Can you push yourself up to twenty times per set? Then do sixteen or seventeen, for example. 

Keep some leftovers in your reserve tank. In this way, you break down your muscles less. And so they need (much) less recovery time. Another example of when you can do push-ups every day is part of a fitness circuit. The goal then is not to break down your muscles. Instead, by doing several exercises in a row in circuit form, you work on your fitness.


The Best Way To Build Muscle Is To Do Press-Ups.

In most strength training workouts, you train a muscle group two to three times a week. No training schedule says you must train a muscle group seven days a week. So do press-ups two to three times a week on the days you want to train your chest and triceps.


Making Press-Ups Heavier

In general, the best way to build muscle is to do sets between six and twelve repetitions. Many people can quickly bench press themselves twenty times or more. This makes the exercise more about endurance and less about building muscle. Fortunately, many variations allow you to make push-ups (a lot) heavier. Some variations are:

Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?

Push-ups with claps

While going up, clap your hands once.

Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?

Push-ups with your feet on an elevation

The higher the elevation, the heavier the exercise becomes.

Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?

Diamond push up

The diamond push-up involves placing your hands close together and making a diamond shape. This variation is a lot heavier than the regular push-up. Diamond push-ups are especially hard on the upper part of your chest and your triceps.

Is It Good To Do Push-Ups Every Day?

Push-ups with one arm

This is an advanced variation. Difficult and heavy as lead.


In Conclusion

Daily push-ups are not a good idea if your goal is to build muscle. It is better to do this two to three times a week and work your way up to more challenging variations. This way, you make sure you stay in the range of six to twelve repetitions per set. This ensures the best results in muscle building.
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