What Is Meditation and It’s Benefits?

What Is Meditation and It’s Benefits?

Meditation is a relaxation technique whose main objective is to reduce stress levels and improve emotional wellbeing.


We’ll talk about its benefits and teach you how to do it.


Meditation is defined as "Thinking with deep attention on something." A relaxation technique whose main objective is to reduce stress levels and improve emotional wellbeing.


It is a practice whose origin dates back to the late nineteenth century and whose popularity has been increasing over the years due to the benefits obtained from its approach. 


But what are the benefits of meditation?



Benefits of Meditation


  • Improves attention span and concentration.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Increases self-knowledge.
  • Positively affects the immune system.
  • Increases productivity and creativity.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • It helps to have an optimistic and positive attitude.
  • Improves personal relationships.



Types of Meditation


The term meditation is a generic concept that encompasses everything from yoga to Buddhism.

Some of the most common techniques are:


Zazen meditation: consists of a meditation based on long, deep, and gentle breathing. A typology that performed sitting and in which the attention is focused on the position and breathing.


Mantra meditation: Meditating concentrating on the breath, and disconnecting from the thoughts that occupy our mind through chants or mantras.


Mindfulness: A trendy type of meditation that consists of paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are taking place in each moment.


Buddhist meditation: This is a widespread type of meditation based on training the mind to focus on the present without thinking about the future.

What Is Meditation and It’s Benefits?

How Is It Done?


Although it can be a strenuous activity when you start meditating, the truth is that with practice, we will become more familiar with the different techniques and feel more and more comfortable.


Although we can find different ways to do it within meditation, most of them carried out in a quiet environment, with a comfortable posture, concentration, and an open and positive attitude. So here we go.


  • Put on comfortable clothes and choose a quiet and cozy place.
  • Sit on the floor, or you can sit on a mat to be more comfortable, with your back straight. Breathe deeply and keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and free of tension.
  • Look straight ahead and choose a point to fix your gaze on; try to create positive thoughts, visualize them, and hold them for a few minutes.
  • Concentrate, close your eyes, and breathe properly.
  • Try to increase your daily meditation time progressively. If you start with a 5-minute session (recommended for those who are just beginning), ideally, the next session should be 10 minutes and so on until you reach 30 minutes a day.
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